About Mark Schwartz

Mark’s incisive images convey the essence of the designer’s intentions as well as the impact of the created form within its environment. These photographs also stand alone as compelling art.

Mark brings his personal aesthetic, keen eye, lighting expertise and arsenal of equipment to each shoot and is able to reveal what is important: architectural details, the interplay of built and natural structure, the form within its context.

Why Choose Mark?

Mark is skilled at identifying the essence of an object, be it architecture, interior space or landscaping. And, he has the determination and patience to take the “perfect” photo. His product requires a great deal more than a camera, software and a printer. Mark has technique, knowledge, and insight, qualities that have made him a long-time favorite with art and creative directors, who respect his technical expertise, work ethic and collegiality.

Mark marries a background in design, an impeccable sense for the right shot and a fascination with how light and atmosphere affect one’s perception of an object. He cut his photographic teeth shooting models for designers and architects, and added products, fine art objects, fashion and corporate work. Currently Mark specializes in architecture, landscape architecture and design. He is experienced and professional-- a master of visual communication. Nothing gratifies him as much as discerning, capturing and expressing in a photograph the artist’s purpose.


Books: Art Invention House, Dream Homes Northern California, The Architecture Of Ratcliff, Private Paradise, The New American Garden, The Contemporary Garden

Magazines: Architectural Digest, Custom Home, Landscape Architecture, Remodeling Magazine, Sunset 


Mark works with multiple digital formats, and is able to advise you on which will work best for your specific needs.


If you are an architect, designer, custom builder or landscape architect who wants a definitive visual record of your project, contact Mark by telephone or email. He will be happy to discuss the most effective approach to fulfilling your photographic needs.